Ayushi Verma- Founder & CEO

She helps students to uncover their challenges, difficulties and financial aspirations in their investment journey so that they could earn from Financial markets to their fullest potential. To see the students earning and fulfilling their aspirations from trading/investing is what drives her most.

Professional Experience:

An Active Technical Analyst Member of the The ATA India. An empanelled trainer for conducting Investor awareness sessions for FLAB-India, an arm of AAFM. She has worked in the Financial Services industry for more than 15 years. She was associated with Motilal Oswal Financial Services ltd.,Alpari forex brokers and some other organisations. Of this, the last 3 years were with Motilal Oswal Financial Services ltd as Regional Training Manager for the North India.

Ayushi is holding a Management degree in Finance. She is inter qualified CWA and Cleared NISM-Investment Advisor-XA, XB, Research Analyst & lot other certifications. She has also done a Diploma course in Equity Research. She has co-authored a book on Mutual Fund, Mutual Fund: Ladder to Wealth Creation. Here, at Investolearn Academ, She is one of the Co Founders of Investolearn Academy, where the people learn how to effectively invest money in Financial Markets

Professional Expertise:

Technical Analysis,Fundamental Analysis, Derivatives ,Mutual Funds, Insurance Planning,Retirement Planning, Financial Planning, Commodities and Forex market.Product and Sales Training.

Renu Varma- Co-Founder & Head-Finance

Renu Varma is the Co Founder and Head-Finance who provides mentorship to the internal and external stakeholders and handles all the finance related activities.

Before starting this venture, she was a Home maker. Since she was a home maker, she never felt the need to understand the different investment tools as most of the investment related decisions were handled by her husband. And one day, due to some sudden and unfavorable circumstances, all the financial burden came on her shoulders and to her utter surprise, she came to know that no one in her circle knows about financial investment concepts. That was the time for her to explore the world of investments.

While doing so, she witnessed that Indian women are far behind their male counterparts in terms of handling finances which influenced her to start entrepreneurial journey and thus she co founded Investolearn Academy where her one of the objectives is to educate women on the financial literacy.

Deepak Bisht- Head-Product development

Deepak is an strategist for Long and Short term stock picking. At Investolearn Academy, his role is to manage the Product segment wherein he is responsible for leading the organization in research for new products, product enhancements and product redesign.

Education & Experience:

Deepak is a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning by qualification from ICOFP and has keen interest towards finding the right stocks which are undervalued. He had started investing at the age of 22. His experience revolves around to pick the right entry and exit levels. His main strength lies in generating the good returns from the quality stocks.

Professional Expertise:

Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Derivatives, Financial Planning.

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