Derivative Analysis

Methodology: Online, Classroom & Blended
(Online + Classroom) Mode
Start Date: Every First And Third Week Of Month
Weekend / Weekday Option Available

Course Name: Derivative Analysis

Fees: RS. 15000 + Taxes

Duration: 1.5 months

Course Content

Derivative Analysis Course

  • Basics of Derivatives
  • Background of derivatives markets
  • Products in Derivatives Markets
  • Forward contracts
  • Futures contracts
  • Options
  • Swaps
  • Market Participants
  • Introduction to Index, applications of index
  • Futures Terminology; Terms used in Futures Markets
  • Introduction to open Interest
  • Major Limitations of Forwards
  • Future Contract and its Features
  • Naked and Calendar Spread Positions
  • Pay-off Future Contract
  • Price Risk in Index Futures
  • Hedging- Using Futures
  • What is Beta?
  • Hedging using Beta
  • Portfolio construction and its hedging using beta
  • Systematic and Unsystematic Risk
  • Understanding Open Interest
  • Interpretation of Open Interest
  • Open Interest as confirming Indicators
  • Types of Positions in Derivatives
  • Pay off Charts in long and short positions
  • Understanding the basics of options
  • Options Terminologies: Terms used in Options Markets
  • Composition of Options Premium: Various components of options premium
  • Intrinsic Value and Time Value
  • Payoff Profile of Buyer: Long asset
  • Payoff Profile of Seller: Short asset
  • Payoff Profile for Buyer of Call Options: Long Call
  • Payoff Profile for Writer (Seller) of Call Options: Short Call
  • Payoff Profile for Buyer of Put Options: Long Put
  • Payoff Profile for Writer (Seller) of Put Options: Short Put
  • Profit and Loss potential for buyers and sellers
  • Characteristics of options buyer and seller
  • Understanding In the money, out of the money and at the money options
  • Types of Positions in options markets
  • Detailed analysis of options chain
  • How options chain is useful in identifying the market trend and levels of expiry in the market
  • Construction of Bull call spread
  • Construction of Bull put spread
  • Construction of bear call spread
  • Construction of bear put spread
  • High volatility strategies/low volatility strategies
  • Construction of straddle strategy
  • Construction of Strangle Strategy
  • Covered Call for bearish view
  • Protective put for bullish view
  • Construction of butterfly strategy
  • Construction of condor strategy
  • Construction of Collar strategy
  • Construction of Calendar spread
  • Options Delta
  • Options Gamma
  • Options Theta
  • Options Vega
  • Options Rho
  • Live Trading
  • Open Interest Analysis
  • Max Pain Theory

Why This Course Will Help

Learn the following concepts:

  • Derivative Market structure and its products.
  • Introduction to forwards and futures and understanding the strategies.
  • Introduction to Options and understanding its applicability.
  • Understanding Option strategies.
  • Understanding Option Greeks.
  • Understanding Hedging Strategies.
  • Open Interest analysis and Max Pain theory.

Who Can Take This Course

Students pursuing or completed 10th, 12th, graduation or higher studies, Housewives, Working Professionals, Aspiring/Existing Traders, Aspiring/Existing Investors, Job seekers, Entrepreneurs.

What You Will Get

  • Live interactive sessions.
  • Live trading classes during market hours.
  • Learn from the industry-oriented trainers cum traders.
  • Students will get the exposure of the in-house trader’s community.
  • Facility of free back-up classes.
  • Trading platform tour of different brokers.

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Well-constructed programs! Interactive sessions! I enjoyed learning the Derivative analysis and clearing doubts with my teachers. It was a great learning experience with InvestoLearn!

Kamal Nath

Derivative Analysis Course

I had lost huge money in the futures and options. It was majorly due to the lack of right knowledge of it. One of my friends told me about Investolearnacademy and I took a demo class and decided to take admission then and there and all I can say is that it proved to be a right decision for me.

Anup Sarkar

Derivative Analysis Course

I am a student who had basic understanding of the option market want to upgrade in this topic so I took admission at Investolearnacademy and learned everything about Futures and Options. The two things which I liked the most are the faculties having good command over the subject and the live classes helped me a lot.

Pankaj Sinha

Derivative Analysis Course

The derivative analysis is a subject which requires in depth knowledge to earn profitability from the market and the faculties at Investolearn are having flair knowledge about it. Thanks Investolearnacademy!

Amit Verma

Derivative Analysis Course

In this course, the strategies part was amazing. I actually tried it in the market and earned good profits too. Great Experience!

Manjaree Dutta

Derivative Analysis Course